Performance or Politics? You Decide.

In March the Herald Times reported that Democratic candidate for Monroe County Clerk Linda Robbins cried foul when she was terminated from her position as Deputy Clerk. The current Clerk, Republican Jim Fielder, cited inadequate job performance, not politics, as his grounds for releasing her.

Listed below are the documents Fielder used as reason for termination. You decide. Performance or Politics?

Please note: None of the memos are prior to January 22, at which time Fielder became aware of Robbins’ candidacy for Monroe County Clerk as a Democrat.

Primer for new case procedures for civil cases:

The Felony/Civil division of Monroe County Clerk’s office is wonderfully coordinated to make filing a new case as quick and efficient as possible. There may be as few as three employees or as many as nine employees who step up to the counter and take a portion of the job required to file a claim. Most employees will occasionally change their place in the “station”, depending upon who is there at the time of filing, the time of day, and employee attendance.

Generally, Linda Robbins numbered the file, collected the court documents and placed them in the file as per Court request. The order of the paperwork may vary depending upon the Judge and/or the Court Reporter preference.

The remaining duties typically performed by other employees within the department are:

  1. Entering Plaintiff and Respondent name and address in the computer, as well as opening the case.
  2. Entering party information in the Fee Book.
  3. File stamping all documents and writing the case number on all copies.
  4. Setting up the hearing dates.

Once those items have been covered, the documents would be delivered to the Deputy Clerk charged with preparing the case for Court review.

The following documents were used as justification for termination. Click on the document for further viewing and you decide: Competency or Politics?

Please note: None of the memos are prior to January 22, at which time Fielder became aware of my candidacy for Monroe County Clerk as a Democrat.

Misspelling of Garrison Chapel Rd.

January 22 or January 27?

1:45 or 3:00 p.m.?

Martinsville v Morristown

Misplaced File


2 Responses to “Performance or Politics? You Decide.”

  1. Jennifer Plant Says:

    If the County fired all the employees who made these kinds of everyday mistakes, there wouldn’t be any employees. I liked Jim Fielder, but it is obvious this was a political move. Shame on you, Jim!

  2. Lu Says:

    Ridiculous – what a political move. Quite clear that this was a move NOT connected to performance but political pressure.

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